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Ready for your Palm Beach paddleboard experience? The Lake Worth Lagoon is an important part of our Intracoastal Waterway in Palm Beach County. This ecosystem is also known as the Lake Worth Estuary which means it is a place where fresh water meets salty ocean water. The brackish water supports a unique coastal habitat resulting in many opportunities to paddle in a natural setting within our urban South Florida environment.

Paddleboard Connection paddles regularly at natural locations within the Lake Worth Lagoon estuary. The Snook Islands, the Bingham Islands and Munyon Island are all examples of long term restoration projects managed by the Palm Beach County Environmental Resource Management Department. The Lake Worth Lagoon Initiative’s ongoing goal is to improve water quality, restoring wildlife habitat, preventing and reducing pollution and getting the community involved in caring for and about the lagoon.

Bingham Islands | Paddleboard Connection | Guided Tours

The Bingham Islands – Palm Beach, Florida

Located on the east side of the Intracoastal Waterway on Southern Blvd; the Bingham Islands are also known as the Audubon Islands due to the large number of birds that winter at the mangrove islands and their status as an Audubon Sanctuary.

Lake Worth, Florida | Bingham Island, Munyon Island, Snook Islands


Lake Worth, Florida | Bingham Island, Munyon Island, Snook Islands

Munyon Island, North Palm Beach, Florida

Located just north of Singer Island and south of John D. McArthur State Park, Munyon Island is an excellent example of a larger scale restoration project completed by the Palm Beach County Environmental Resource Management. This water access only island has hiking trails, picnic shelters, a day dock for motorized boats and a mangrove channel that makes you think you are in the ‘old’ Florida and not modern day Palm Beach County. This is a great paddling spot to get away to a natural location in our urban environment.

Lake Worth, Florida | Bingham Island, Munyon Island, Snook Islands


Lake Worth, Florida | Guided Tours


Snook Islands, Lake Worth, Florida

Located at the Intracoastal Waterway, east of downtown Lake Worth; the Snook Islands showcase the efforts of local government and citizens to restore and rehabilitate the natural areas within the Lake Worth Lagoon. The Snook Islands offer locals and visitors a fishing dock, a walkway over the natural area, a day use dock and a kayak/stand up paddleboard launch. The islands continue to transition into a revitalized eco-system while local fish, crustaceans, mammals and birds return to the area.